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and a shooting ripped through provinces across the country monday just days before elections. the worst violence struck the capital baghdad, where at least 25 people were killed by car bombs and other blasts. at least 14 political candidates have been killed in recent weeks that the provincial elections scheduled for saturday. monday's toll was the highest in nearly a month after 65 people died in blasts on march 19, the anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion. in somalia, a militant group is threatening to carry out more attacks in -- after a least 30 people were killed in chord in the bombings and shootings in the capital mogadishu on sunday. the militant group al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attacks, which included a series of explosions and an assault by gunmen on the supreme court complex and another car bomb near the airport. a spokesperson for the militant group told reuters monday "more lethal attacks are coming." later in the broadcast, we will speak with dr. hawa abdi. she was kidnapped by the al- shabab and she is a doctor who has taken in tens of thousands of refugees on her pr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1